Strike update – binding arbitration and injunction?

Day 4 of the SEPTA strike has come and past, and the Regional Rail has been a bit calmer as people discovered a new way to work, school, shopping, etc.   Willie Brown came up with a potential solution to end the strike, though: All SEPTA has to do is agree to binding arbitration, and “we’ll go back to work tonight”.  Before you celebrate, though, it will be a “winner-takes-all” award.  Either SEPTA will get what it wants, or the union gets what it wants…there is no middle ground!

State Rep. Brendan F. Boyle, D-Phila./Montgomery also wants to see binding arbitration take place between SEPTA and the union.  He is introducing a resolution to the State House of Representatives, and legislatures will vote on it early next week.

Meanwhile, Mayor Nutter is steaming.  He’s looking into getting a court injunction to get SEPTA workers back to work, using the H1N1 virus as a tool.  Since the city declared a public health emergency last week because of this virus, if it is found that hospital and school visits are down because of the strike, he’ll let the judge order the union workers back to work!

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