1984 Neoplan An435-BP


Taken by Michael B




History, The Neoplan An435 were purchased in 1984. During their operating life, they operated throughout areas of Philadelphia as well as areas in suburban Philadelphia




Model Neoplan An435-BP
Fleet Numbers- 1301-1325
Status Retired
Width (Inches) 96″
Length (feet) 35′
Height 120″ inches — 132 with AC
Curb Weight ~ 23,000 pounds
Delivery Date 1984
Chassis“ Steel
Seating Capacity 40 city
Engine Model Detroit Diesel Series 92 (6v92TA)
Transmission Allison HT747-4 Speed
Brakes Air
Maximum Power 253HP (203KW) @ 2300RPM
Livery SEPTA Red and Blue scheme with gray trim
Axle Meritor Rockwell
Features Kneeling
Destination Equipment- Luminator MAX
A/C Carrier Roof Top Air Conditioner
  • Received overhauls in Early 1990s
  • 8584 had a ThemoKing roof top A/C
Tires Goodyear