October fan Madness – shuts Regional Rail down for 90 minutes and systemwide delays!!

Yesterday, well over million people attend the Phillies parade. It’s has been a mess – throughout the day crews on the Regional Rail tried to keep up with the fans waiting at train stations. Unfortunately, the trains skipped many stations with fully packed trains. Once the fans realized this has occurred, they started venturing onto the buses.

69th street terminal was inundated with fans trying to board the EL shuttle. Crews rushed to get equipment on the Routes 100-102 to operate as a double consist versus the normal weekday one consists.

From my observation, the route G was fully loaded from Overbook station so everyone who was trying to caught the G past Overbook station had a long long wait. The 44, the same thing, although SEPTA did managed to get a bus operating on the route 52 to change into the 44. Not the mention the issues, the route 100 operated on single tracks throughout segments of the route.

Forum member SEPTA_Kid said “Many trips on the 27 never left Plymouth MTG mall. There were alot of disappointed Phillies fans there, but they decided to take the L bus and then the BSL!
Today was fun, and Many schools, including mine was closed!”

Member Jayayess1190 said “Rode the C to Center City, was slow as hell. Packed with fans. Coming back we (mom, bro, and I) waited for the C, never showed up, so we took the BSL from Spring Garden (got free transfers!), then the 6 to Cheltenham/Ogontz and drove home from there.”

Around 1PM yesterday, service was canceled for 90 minutes on the Regional Rail lines. This was to give crews a chance place the right equipment down in center city to meet the demand of the parade. Later in the afternoon roughly 3PM, several extra trains were added to revenue service. Several posters on railroad.net said all available equipment has been put into service to try and meet the demand.

SEPTA tried to handle this demand to the best of their abilities. As the fans kept on coming there was nothing else they could do…

Yesterday was an historical day for SEPTA as the system was being overloaded with 3 times as many riders as you would expect on a typical weekday.

My Self personally managers of this parade has a ton of things to answer for!! Why plan this parade on a Friday with no time to plan things out!! Hopefully in the coming weeks there will be answers!!

[[Photo right: Courtasy of Jayayess1190]]