SEPTA, PATCO and CCD install new transit portal signs

On Monday, SEPTA, PATCO and the Center City District unveiled one of their brand new transit portal signs.  These signs will be used at 100 subway/trolley/Regional Rail station entrances throughout the 3 1/3 mile underground concourse in Center City.  So far, these signs have been posted at the following locations:

18th and JFK, southeast corner – Suburban Station Regional Rail (SEPTA)
19th and Market, northeast corner – Subway Surface Trolley (SEPTA)
Broad and Walnut, southwest corner – Broad Street Line (SEPTA)
13th and Market, northeast corner – Market Frankford Subway Line (SEPTA)
1525 Locust – Lindenwold High Speed Line (PATCO)
The Clothespin, Centre Square plaza, 15th and Market (Market Frankford, Broad Street, Subway Surface, Regional Rail Lines (SEPTA)

For more details and a picture, please visit the following website: You can also take a survey about these signs on the homepage of SEPTA’s website.