Schedule Change Coming Up

All transit Division Schedules on SEPTA will change on June 18th, 19th, and 24th. Most of the changes relate to the reduction of service due to schools being closed and workers taking vacations causing lighter peak hour loads. Among the highlights, peak hour headways on the Subway Surface lines (10, 11, 13, 34, 36) have been reduced from every 4 minutes to every 5 minutes, resulting in the subtraction of one car from each line. Also, Route 11 will begin shuttle bussing on June 18th between 49th and Woodland and Darby transportation Center with buses operating to 40th Street Portal after 9 PM weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday and holidays. Shuttle buses will operate to 40th and Market Streets during all diversions as well. The reason is the replacement of rail on Woodland Avenue from Island Avenue to 67th Street. Rail is already on the road near 70th Street waiting for the start of construction.During the first two (2) weeks of construction, workers will focus on Island and Woodland Avenues where the switches will be replaced. Due to this, Route 13 service will be suspended between Darby and Yeadon, with no replacement while Route 13 cars will pull in and pull out via Route 36 tracks and 49th Street to Chester Avenue. Work will start at Island and move up to 67th Street by September. Also happening with the schedule changes is reduced service on Red Arrow Routes 108, 112, 115, and a summer schedule on Route 120. On the Frontier front, Routes 91 and 130 will see major changes to Saturday service. On Route 91, the 12:10 out of Norristown and its 12:50 return are discontinued. The 2:10 trip and its return at 2:50 will depart 25 minutes later (2:35 and 3:15). A new 9:10AM trip from Norristown to Graterford and return will be added. On Route 130, all Saturday service t o Bucks County Community College is discontinued and service will terminate at the Village of Newtown Shopping Center. Schedules are available at SEPTA’s Website and will soon be available at all major terminals, transportation centers, and Center City Stations.