Newly Repainted & Wrapped buses

It appears that SEPTA have placed full wraps on these buses, which contain the ‘blue’ Adventure Aquarium wrap, and these buses are 5430 and 5588. Also on a rather interesting notice 5658 now has a THP properties Full wrap. Which makes a total of 3 buses with this wrap assigned the frontier. Which is a pretty interesting considering that over the years SEPTA has choose 2 buses at frontier to sport this wrap. These 2 buses were previously 3487 and 3488, which were assigned the frontier until March of 2005. As there replacements 5151 and 5140 received THP properties wraps. Could this mean that SEPTA has a contract of 3 buses that sport this wrap or does it mean that SEPTA is planning to replace their NABI’s this summer by flyers which as this point is still a rumor? Anyways the latest spotted repainted buses is southern’s 5491, Callowhill’s 5020 and Southern’s 5387