Neoplan AN460 Vehicle Overhaul Update III

Accorded to some sources that many if not all of the artics assigning to Midvale as received a VOH. Which the latest out of shops 7234 from Midvale. To add to that 7155, 7201, and 7131 are the latest VOH out of the Shops. As you can tell just about a good portion of the artics around 80-85% of them had received a VOH’s. The VOH of the Eldorado should begin shortly it has been planed in the Proposals that in SEPTA’s Fiscal year 2006 which starts on July 1, 2005- June 30th, 2006 has allocated funds to overhaul the 2001 Eldorado and the 2001 New Flyers. There is already a pilot of the Eldorado overhaul on the streets this bus is 4526 and it is assigned to frontier. There is also one VOH pilot #5414 that is still in the process in getting an overhaul it is expected on the streets sometime shortly We will keep you inform.