Market St EL update

After Months without any new information SEPTA has announced perhaps the biggest news involving the Market st project by far! In today’s metro news paper SEPTA announced that 56 st station will be closed on Tuesday May 31st 2005 for a period of 6 months. This closure will allow for the Demolishing and Complete Reconstruction of the Station which will include escalators and elevators. During this time, Route G buses will be detoured to 52nd Street between Arch and Walnut Streets so that riders can transfer to/from the El at 52nd Street Station. Four weekend shutdowns are planned for June as well as two nine-day shutdowns slated for July 15-24 and August 12-21. Shuttle buses will provide alternate service between 69th Street Terminal and 52nd Street Station during all El shutdowns. Westbound riders traveling beyond 52nd Street Station will need to get off the El at 40th Street Station to transfer to shuttle buses. This is obviously great news Following the news that the contactor responsible for the first phase of the project which was the reconstruction of the portion between Millbourne and 63rd st was fired for being behind some 700+ days!