SEPTA’s newest locomotive #90 delivered

Introducing SEPTA new diesel switcher from the Knoxville Locomotive Works locomotive #90 (SPAX 90) Today, SEPTA #90 has finally be delivered to SEPTA! Already, #90 had an interesting journey into this area, first it arrived in on Norfolk Southern 38G .

With an brief stay in New Jersey for several nights before returning back to PA on NS 39G.

Today, it was finally dropped off at bridge (In Norristown) by an Norfolk Southern crew and SEPTA finally retreived it.

This locomotive is the latest work train to be added to the fleet. SEPTA is expecting three more locomotives, These will replace #51 and #52 and possibily #70. This new locomotive meets EPA tier 4 standards and is not a genset like 70, it appears to be similar to 80 in design.