Possible replacements for the Eldorados

Recently there has been a slew of rumors going around regarding the replacements for the Eldorados. Now onto the rumors, it has been rumored that either the New Flyer Midi or Gillig 30 foot advantages will be replacing not only the aging the Eldorados but also the cutaways on contracting services [Lucy(316), 312, 204, 206, and 310). The delivery of these new buses is apparently to occur in either December or Janurary.

Now onto the hardcore facts. The Eldorados are aging and are soon to be 14 years old. These buses were built back in 2001 to have an life cycle of 10 years. Now these buses being 13 and going onto 14, so a replacement is inevitable. The end all and be all is the Eldorados as well as most of the Cutaway fleet are due to be replaced.