Hurricane Irene and other rain storms do a lot of damage

As you already know, SEPTA has suffered a lot with this very rainy August, even after Hurricane Irene passed through.  With the latest rainstorm, a portion of the SEPTA Main Line was “washed out”, shutting down service North of Fern Rock.  There was a mud slide by Trevose Station.  A portion of the tracks on the Norristown High Speed Line, on the high ROW where it crosses over Conestoga Road near Rosemont (excuse me, “Robert’s Road) Station, is quite warped.

What a headache for the 6th largest transit agency in the nation!

SEPTA has a great photo gallery of the work being undertaken to bring the system back to normal.  At this time, there is a slow zone south of Jenkintown until the ballast under the track can support normal travel speeds again, and the NHSL (P&W) is single tracking between Bryn Mawr and Radnor Stations, with crowded trains and nice delays.

For the photo gallery: