Major Changes Coming to the Lehigh Valley

Starting this Monday, August 29th, 2011, Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANTA) will implement a new route structure.  Gone will be the current system of letters and numbers along with seperate evening service.  A new system using three digit numbered routes will go into effect.  The new route structure also includes several changes to the existing routes other than a redesignation.  

The new route structure will be as follows.

  • 100 series – core routes operating Monday through Saturday with evening and Sunday service.
  • 200 series – routes operating during the day six days a week.
  • 300 series – routes that operate Monday through Friday.
  • 400 series – Allentown School District routes (school trippers)
  • 500 series – FLEX routes
  • 600 series – Loops, circulators, crosstown routes, etc. 

For information on what routes will become what, see