SEPTA’s Transitviewer is Here

About one year since the release of busviewer, SEPTA has introduce Transitviewer. Transitviewer is the upgraded the version of busviewer and now it includes most of the bus and trolley routes, which SEPTA operates throughout the Delaware valley. The way transitviewer works is, it takes both the location of the vehicle to determined where the bus is located. Then it takes the designation sign to determined which direction the bus or trolley is operating. There are some bugs to transitviewer. For example, sometimes the designation may not be correct, for example a bus going westbound could in fact be going eastbound. Second on buses like 8307, the bus icon is displaced about one mile off where the bus is actually located. I doubt that 8307 is in Delaware river or in someone’s pool in Camden, New jersey. Hopefully, SEPTA can address these bugs in a timely fashion and also implement more features of transitviewer such as real bus arrival at a bus stop. CTA in Chicago has been using real time data for over a year so far in bustracker, I am sure it is possible with SEPTA.