2010 New flyer DE40LFRs are in full swing

After many months of waiting, #8341 arrived at Germantown. Along with 8342 a week later. The hybrids were arriving at 4 buses per month, now a month later, roughly six/seven buses are arriving on SEPTA’s property on an weekly basis. As it stands now, 8371 is the highest SEPTA bus on property. 8371 is currently at Germantown awaiting for plates and acceptance. Earlier today, Rick S, spotted a 836x being delivered to Victory.  As it stands now, the highest hybrid spotted in revenue service is 8364.

According to many reports, Victory is set to receive 40 hybrids (8340-8379). It’s unknown at this point who the next depot will be to receive the hybrids. It’s been reported that Southern will receive their units in July. It’s also been speculated that Frontier and Comly may also receive them as well.