Victory lost all of their 51xx Nabis

With the arrival of the 2010 restyles, Victory has lost of their 51xx, which are their 1996 NABI 416.08TA. It has been reported that 5134, 5136, 5139, 5142, and 5148-5149 has been listed for resale.

Frontier has received several NABIS from Victory as well. Their numbers are 5317, 5313, and 5311. Making Frontier having a grant total of 16 nabis in their fleet of 107 buses.

On the hybrid front, the highest hybrid spotted in service is 8358. Making Victory having 18 new hybrids. Mainly of the hybrids assigned to Victory are expected to dominate the route 101, 102, 123, and 125 throughout the summer of 2010. Some hybrids has been reported on other Victory routes as well.