Possible SEPTA Strike

This occurs on average of every 6-7 years when the TWU does not get their way.  12:01AM tonight or tomorrow night, The City Transit Division and Frontier Division of SEPTA may go on strike!  This is the result of the TWU workers (City Transit Division, Frontier) working without a contract for the past several months.  Both SEPTA and the union are still miles apart in to reach a agreement. 

We will post more on this later as more information/details will become available.  In the meantime, be sure to plan alternative methods of transportation throughout next week. 

Personally, I feel since the last strike in 2005, many of the citizens are pretty immune to the union’s tactics. Since the abrupt rightship increases in 2007-2008, SEPTA has become a more prevalent transportation of choice throughout the years. It’s a common belief that SEPTA is profit business. In fact, SEPTA is a a quasi state agency. quasi state means they share the same funding and immunities as the state of Pennsylvania.  Much of the agency’s funding is provided by the City and the state. The purchasing of the hybrid Buses are paid by the FTA, Act44, and the Federal Recovery Act of 2009. So in order to meet the Union’s Demands, either the funding has to increase or the fares or even both.  I’m sorry to say this, but it looks like another long road ahead for the us citizens!!    It’s ashame this has to occur during the World Series weekend!

Enough with my rant; for the latest ganders