New Hybrids are here!

Photo of Trackless #8124 - Taken by Kyle WallaceAt the sunset of yesterday, Front5151 (A member on PTV) reported that the first batch (8121-8125)of the 2008 order of hybrids are here. These units are currently at Germantown depot undergoing inspection, and awaiting for tags. While at Germantown depot today, it appears 8126, 8127, and 8129 has also arrived on SEPTA’s property.

Upon viewing these hybrids, there were several things to notice:

  1. These hybrids  retained the unique rear sign placement as on their 2001-2004 D40LF counterparts
  2. The Thermoking A/C has been relocated to the front portion of the bus
  3. The option for the low profile battery on top of the bus has been exercised.
  4. Like their Trackless trolley counterparts, a security camera on the outside of the bus is apparent.
  5. Unlike the other New Flyers operating out of SEPTA. These units are longer in terms of length therefore making these units the DE41LF.
  6. The location of the fleet number on the rear side of the bus has been relocated to top-right side of the back just below the rear designation sign.  

As for photos, thankfully PTV board member Jayayess1190 has taken some excellent photos of these units at Germantown depot.

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Photo was taken by Jayayess1190