Press Release statement: SEPTA’s comforms acquisition of eight NJT cars

Today, SEPTA have released a press release within regards to the eight (8) Comets which they will lease from New Jersey Transit (NJT).  This lease is currently set to $10,000 monthly.  Once these eight units are in service, they will turn push-puller consists from a six car consist into seven car consists.  As a result, this will address the additional ridership issues.  As previously noted, there is 12% increase in ridership last year due to the outrageous gasoline prices. Hopefully this will help ease the demand.

The lease of these eight cars is a necessary step.  Once the year (2010) is completed, the newly acquired Silverliners will replace these units.  By this time, the SEPTA train fleet which currently consists of 348 will increase to 400 cars meeting the ridership demands.

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