I-95 support cracks, SEPTA reacts

Monday was a traffic nightmare when a support for I-95 cracked, causing ALL traffic in Northeast Philadelphia to be diverted off the highway and onto local Philadelphia streets. This section, between Girard and the Betsy Ross Bridge, is the busiest section of I-95 in Pennsylvania, so streets were clogged everywhere.

With traffic spilling onto local city streets, these routes were affected with significant delays: 1, 3, 5, 14, 20, 25, 39, 43, 50, 54, 60, 66, 73 and 84. Also, the route 15 trolley was operated with buses between Richmond and Cumberland and Richmond and Westmoreland Streets.  Passengers were advised that they can expect delays of 40-50 minutes on these routes, some of which are operating with detours.

In an effort to provide alternatives for those who my opt for the train into town, SEPTA is adding 20 cars to the R7 Trenton and R3 West Trenton peak hour trains.  These trains are basically operating with normal peak hour schedules, with an additional R7 local scheduled from Cornwell Heights Station to Philadelphia.

SEPTA set up a special I-95 Advisory page on their website: http://www.septa.org/travel_advisory/I95alternatives.html