Flame Broiled Champion

On the afternoon of October 18th, 2007, a SEPTA Freightliner Champion Cutaway caught fire on Phoenixville Pike southbound near the 322 Bypass in West Goshen.  The fire melted virtually the entire bus as seen in pictures on the Fame Fire Company of West Chester website.

This bus will never see service again and will soon be in the scrap yard.  Because of the damage to the bus, the number cannot be determined.  The bus was either a southbound route 92 bus or a bus deadheading to the 314 in West Chester from the Krapf's garage just up the street from where the fire occurred.  No injuries and everyone were reported to have exited the vehicle before the fire really spread.  Due to the lack of fire suppression systems found on most transit vehicles, the fire was able to flame broil just about the entire vehicle.  A fire suppression system would have helped to prevent the bus from looking like it does now.