American Ikarus Light Overhauls Have Begun

Back in August, Southern 5368 went in for overhaul.  This bus became the prototype for the second overhaul of the 1996-97 American Ikarus 416 overhauls.  Buses in this program are receiving a Light OverHaul (LOH).  Most likely this means a freshening up since these buses will start to be phased out beginning in 2009.  Thus far one 5200 series Ikarus (5300) and several 5300s from Red Arrow (5313, 5314), Frontier (5327, 5328, 5335), Frankford (5344), and Southern (5368, 5382, 5395) have been in or are going through this program.  Expect mostly 5300s and some 5200s to be involved in this overhaul.  Since these overhauls are going on, the overhaul of 5500s out of Red Arrow has slowed down.  Currently only 5594 is known to be in overhaul.