The “Multilevels” are now in service

NJT's new Comet VI Bombardier "Multilevel" cars are now in revenue service.  Train #3844 on the Northeast Corridor route debuted this equipment.  The train departed (regular service) at high noon today from Trenton, NJ.  The train operated to New York Penn in all local service except for skipping North Elizabeth.  The train deadheaded back to Trenton from NYP to carry the brass that was on the train.  A forum member rode the train and gave a thumbs up from his ride on the upper level.  The cars were pulled by ALP-46 4627 and cars 7504, 7506, restroom trailer 7202, 7505, 7503, and cab car  (with restroom) 7002.  New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine (D) and Senator Frank Lautenberg (D) were supposed to ride the train however they were a no show possibly due to a state worker and teacher rally at the capitol.