Strange Eldorado Sightings

4551 was spotted today on the 3:30PM 111 to Chadds Ford on the 4462 block. The bus left 69th Street Terminal with every seat taken up but no standing load. Also using an Eldorado today was 110 4437 block, using 4535. The first trip on this block is the 3:45PM to Springfield Mall. This bus left with a full load. The use of an Eldorado on this trip is not too bad of an idea since after the Springfield Mall trip, the block only has 2 or 3 Pilgrim Gardens short turns to do. Red Arrow operator Dave Dalessio has been taking out an Eldorado on his 110 4436 block lately but as seen above, today he had 5597. This may be why 4551 was on the 111.