Folks it’s been a long wait but the 8000 series are just about here

Accorded to a very official and reliable source. The first of the 8000 series are set to arrive  late next week on the property of SEPTA more than likely the Germantown shops. There has been a number of New Flyers completed at the New Flyer facility with 8000 being the ‘quality control bus’ in other words meaning it would be the last bus to leave there facility. Once these units are on the SEPTA property which could be Germantown they will received radios and other parts which are needed to placed them in service. Typically it could take as long as a week or so to placed these units in to revenue service. Expect these units to be placed into service by early-mid September. Which would be in time of the new fall schedule . As some of you guys may not know all of these units will be placed at the southern depot. Due to the fact it’s the only depot that is equipped to run on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSD).

(reversed 8/29/05)-Accorded to Darryl bulls the 05′ flyers will go to Germantown and after that they will proceed to go to the Southern depot. At the Germantown shops SEPTA will placed AMDT systems installation, and the bus number will be stencil in huge numbers on the top.