Neoplans making a come back on routes?

Accorded to several spotters the Neoplans are making a come back on routes operating out of various depots in Philadelphia. Neoplans over the last past week has make a rare appearance on the 28, L, 38, 31, 46, and a extremely rare appearance on the 44 (Which rarely uses NABI’s during the day for that matter). And also I’ve notice that on the G southern has start to run Neoplans 24/7 which I had not seen since 2001 prior to the new flyers arriving. Well you guys it looks like the Neoplan Days could be ending pretty soon. After 23 years running from SEPTA there time at most depots are coming to a end. However the Neoplans at Frankford may stay there for another 2 years until there replacements (The Trackless Trolleys arrive).