SEPTA fiscal 2006-2017 fiscal proposals-

SEPTA fiscal 2006-2017 fiscal proposals– Accorded to the new
sheet release annually by SEPTA. There are going
to be some interesting changes regarding the
future of the SEPTA fleet. Here’s a breakdown
as to what this sheet says please bare with
us. (kyle o.) (3-27)


    In 2008 400 buses are
    expected to be delivery. It will take four (4)
    years to complete with one hundred (100) buses
    arriving annually. These units will replace
    the North American Industrials (NABI) 416.08TA.
    Which SEPTA received back in 1996 throughout
    the summer of 1997. This will completely make
    SEPTA 40 foot bus fleet 100 percent Low Floor
    assessable again the details on this order remains
    to be very vague.


    Light Rail Fleet Replacement
    is also specify in the fiscal sheet, which
    will replace the existing fleet of Light Rail
    vehicles manufacted by Kawasaki. This replacement
    affects both single ended and doubled ended
    units. By that time the Kawasaki trolleys will
    be over 30 years old. This is a typical step
    for SEPTA to save money by replacing when they
    set life is over vs. back in the 1970’s-early
    1990’s operating PCC cars which has been in
    service for 50 years.