Newly fully wrapped and side wrap buses

To add to the wrap posting it appears that a great deal of buses thought out west Philly and it’s surrounding suburban divisions has received fully wraps and side ads wraps. There are way to many buses to count with the current affair wrap however the list of buses that were recorded are listed below. The buses are 5422, 5416 with the WMRR “Black” 103.9 wrap. #5435 with the Franklin plaza wrap, 5427 with the BMW?/Mini wrap, 5411 and 5592 with the #5411 (Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus) wrap. With the older buses with wraps #5621 with the wrap, #5628 with the KYW Free bus promotion wrap, with 5140 and 5151 with the THP properties wrap which 3488 and 3487 had prior to it, and #5902 from frontier having a current affair side wrap from the frontier division. (4-16) Also add Callowhill’s #5433,5455 Frankford’s #5777, Southern 5793, 5807 are the list of buses with the “A current affair Fox29” Side wrap. It’s possible that there could be a great deal more of buses with this side-wrap considering that every time when I check out a bus it appears to be sporting this wrap plus one red arrow bus :). It appears that the buses which received this wrap so far is nothing but new flyers.