History of the Neoplans (1984-1989)

By the mid-1984, SEPTA acquired twenty-five (25) 35 foot versions of the Neoplan #1301-1325 from the Penn-DOT order. These units were to be strictly used on the smaller routes out of Luzerne depot. Over the years these units managed to make there way around the system, mainly to the suburban depot of Victory which were being used on there smaller capacity routes. These units could hold 34 seats.

As for the 1986-87 Neoplan DK-EB order, they feature ZF ECOMAT transmissions and a 6v92TA 253HP DDEC engine. Its vague as to why SEPTA changed the order but in comparison of there transmissions, the ZF transmission is more economical versus Allison transmission which were being used in their prior orders.

SEPTA Route 124 - KOP

Neoplan DK – 3120 69th Street Terminal
Collection of Doug
Taken by Michael B

In late 1987, SEPTA finally specified a wheelchair lift on the 1988 Neoplan (EI). This was the first order since 1982 which SEPTA exercised the option of making there buses wheel chair accessible to their passengers. The  1989 Neoplans (EZ) also were equiped with an wheelchair left and also received an darker-gray color floor finish.

3364 at Victory Yard
Taken by Michael B. Photos