Changed Route designations

Over the past 20years, SEPTA begin the change some route designations, the latest change is the city route X which received its number route designation in 1995 to be changed to the Route 77.



City Transit Division Designations

Route 1 (Formerly The Boulevard Limited – which ran exclusively on US1  Boulevard)  
Route 9 -Formerly Route A Express  
Route 14 (Formerly Route B)
Route 18 (Formerly Route S)
Route 19/67 (Formerly Route W)  
Route 21/42 (Formerly Route D)
Route 24 (Formerly Route N)  
Route 26 (Formerly Route 26/S)  
Route 27 (Formerly Route A Express)  
Route 28 (Formerly Route XA and Original Route 28)  
Route 32 (Formerly Route A Local)
Route 35 (Formerly Route Z)  
Route 47M (Original Route 47 servicing 9th St.)
Route 52 (Formerly Route 70)  
Route 57 (Formerly Routes XO,
5, 50 and Original Route 57)  
Route 58 (Formerly Route 59-B)  
Route64 (Formerly Routes 63 and 64)  
Route 65 (Formerly Route E)  
Route 68 (Formerly Route M)
Route 76 (Eliminated-Formerly Mid-City Loop, Ben Franklin line service from 5th and market to the zoo)
Route 77 (Formerly Route X)  Route 88 (The Welsh Rd section of the route was formerly Route 41)  
Route 89 (Formerly Route P and Route 57)

Route K (Formerly Route 52)

Route designations for the Victory Depot (Nee Red Arrow); frontier…

 Route A: State Road portion of 111
Route B: Marshall Road portion of 107
Route C: Combined with R in 1971 to form 103.
Route D: Merged with Y
Route E: 68 Darby-Gladwyne-Ardmore (discontinued 02/1982)
Route F: 112 Oakview (Merged with 107 and 113 in 1983)
Route G: Combined with I into 105 in 1970.
Route H: 83 (merged with 72 to form 115 in 1986)
Route I: Combined with G into 105 in 1970.
Route J: 108 to 67th and Elmwood
Route K: 69 Wynnefield – Manayunk via Belmont Hills (discontinued 12/07/1990).
Route L: Angora-Kedron; merged with 71 in 1962 and discontinued prior to SEPTA takeover in 1970.
Route M: 113 69th Street-Darby via Marshall Rd and Plumstead Av.
Route N: Angora-Media bus (was trolley), discontinued long before SEPTA takeover in 1970.
Route O: 109
Route P: Merged with B in 1974 to form 107. Former Route 122 is similar to the P which ran from 69th Street Terminal to Briarcliff.
Route Q: Never used.
Route R: Merged with C in 1971 to form 103. 69th Street to Darby and Manoa Roads is now Route 112.
Route S: Broomall – Airport route. Discontinued around the time of SEPTA takeover.
Route T: Never used.
Route U: Never used
Route V: Gulph Mills Shuttle to area employers, sold to Schuikukill Valley Lines.
Route W: Old West Chester Trolley, now Route 104.
Route X: Route 110 69th Street Terminal to Maple Crossroads.
Route Y: Route 106 69th Street to Ardmore.
Route Z: Became Route 71. Operated Overbrook to Paoli and Exton. Merged with 105 in 1983 to form current 105.
Route 70: Route 117
Route 71: Shopper’s Special Route Darby-Aldan-Springfield-Lawrence Park-Ardmore Junction. Ran from 1971 to 1972.
Route 72: Merged with 83 to form 115.
Route 74: Route 114 Darby to Chester and 119 Chester to Boothwyn.
Route 76: Route 113 Darby to Marcus Hook.
Route 77: Became Route 116. Now 114 Aston to Granite Run Mall.
Route 78: City Division shuttle trolley Darby to Lansdowne. Became bus in 1946 and was extended to 52nd/Baltimore shortly after. Merged with Route 46 in the 1970s. 46 Darby discontinued in 1996.
Route 81: Started out as Route 141. Operated from Springfield to Decker Square via US 1 (Decker Square is the area where Channel 6 and 10 are located).
Route 82: Original Red Arrow Route G Chester to Springfield (Cardinal O’Hara). Sold to PTC Folsom Division where it became Route 82. Red Arrow reacquired the Route in 1962 when PTC sold Folsom Division to Red Arrow. Regular service was discontinued but school service for Cardinal O’Hara ran until 1986 when Ridley Township School District took over the operation.
Route 140: Media to Fair Acres SEPTA special. Started in 1970 and discontinued shortly after.
Route 142: Chester to Fair Acres SEPTA special. Started in 1970 and discontinued shortly after
Route 90/Norristown-Plymouth Twp (Formerly Route 90/Old City-
University City.
Route 108 (A combination of the old Route U and original Route 108)  
Route 113 (The portion of the 113 that operates between Darby and Marcus Hook
was formerly Route 76)  
Route 114 (Formerly Route 74)  
Route 115 (Formerly Route 72)
Route 116 (Eliminated-Formerly Routes 70, 77 and 80 (Red Arrow Division had it’s own Route 70)  Route 116 was revived as a new route in early 2006 which now runs express rush hour service to/from 69th street terminal and the UPS hub in Southwest Philadelphia.
Route 117 (portions of this route were formerly Route 116)  Route 120 (Formerly Route 104-A)  
Route 121 (Formerly Route 44-G and 49 being run by the Red Arrow division, now being run by the City Transit Division)  
Route 125 (Formerly Route 45)  Route
127 (Formerly Route 150)  
206 (Formerly Route 126)