1997-1999 ADtranz M4 Subway Car


Model 1997-1999  ADtranz M4 Subway Car
Fleet Numbers- 1001-1220
Status Active
Width (Inches) 9′ 2″
Length (feet) 55′ 2″
Height 13′ 0″
Curb Weight ‘A’ Car 65,200 LB ‘B’ Car 60,500 LB
Delivery Date 1997-1999
Chassis“ Fully stainless Steel carbody construction with end-underframe of ally steel
Seating Capacity 49/ 160 Crush Load
Propulsion Microprocessor AC propulsion Control and traction system with self test and dianostic control.
Acceleration 3.0 MPH/S 5.4 Kmh/s
Braking System Dynamic braking with regeneration, slip-slide control, eletroc pneumatic friction brake, and automatic dyanmic, driction brake blending
Auxilary Electric  Solid State inverter
Features Announcement System, GPS/AVL System, Interior LED designation sign
Destination Equipment- Yes
A/C Yes