Lots of news to cover

First of all happy belated New Years – yes this our first post in 2024!

Now let’s get down to it:

  • Callowhill Receives New Buses: Earlier this month, Callowhill began receiving their allotment of XDE40 (BAE) buses. The first bus of this allotment is 3640. It has been rumored that they will receive up to 3699. These buses will likely replace all of the remaining D40LFs and DE40LFs at Callowhill. In an odd twist, both 8075 and 8083 are the only two remaining diesels still standing.
  • Spring 2024 Schedule Change: Starting yesterday, bus schedules have been changed systemwide. This is probably the most drastic change yet. Many changes involve service cuts, and it’s been advised to pay attention to these changes. The main reason is that there have recently been a slew of cancellations and unplanned gaps in services. These issues aren’t really new, but SEPTA is taking more of a proactive approach to this.
  • Multilevel Train Car News: The latest is that two CRRC coaches have arrived at their facility in Springfield, MA. The estimated time of arrival for these first units on SEPTA’s property has been adjusted for later this year.