SEPTA “BAE” New Flyers finally being used throughout the city

SEPTA “BAE” New Flyers finally being used onother routes out of Southern depot. Since their initial runs back in April, thee BAEs were primary used on the 29, 45 and 79 in South Philadelphia. Within the past two weeks, ,the BAEs has been assigned on the other routes which operates out of Southern. Thus far up to 3551 has been delivered and is currently at Germantown depot being accepted. Thus far 27 has been delivered and 23 were spotted tracking in service. It’s unknowned at this point how many new buses that Southern is expected to receive but based off of the D40LFs assigned there, it is a safe bet to assume that at least 70 would be assigned there with the remainder of this batch going to Callowhill and Frontier.

Here is the sheet which tracks their progress: