SEPTA Buses with Bike Racks

Background and info

SEPTA began this program with the delivery of the Eldorado Transmark REs in 2001 they were delivered with bike racks installed.
In 2002 SEPTA's second batch of 100 New Flyer D40LFs became the second buses in the fleet to sport bike racks
Every new bus delivered since 2002 which include the New Flyer D40LFs, New Flyer DE40LFs and Champion Defender Cutaways
In June of 2004, SEPTA began to retrofit its NABI, Neoplan AN-460, and 2001 New Flyer D40LF fleets with bike Racks.
The Neoplan AN-440 fleet will not be retrofitted as this fleet is currently in the process of being withdrawn from service.

This is a list of SEPTA buses that have bike racks. This list will be continually updated.

1996/97 American Ikarus 416.08TA: 5001-5040, 5042-5154, 5156-5188, 5190-5266, 5268-5284, 5286-5359, 5361-5400

1999/00 Neoplan AN460: 7101-7112, 7114-7117, 7119-7156, 7160-7162, 7164-7180, 7182-7255

2001 Eldorado Transmark RE: 4501-4538, 4540-4581

2001 New Flyer D40LF: 5401-5500

2002 New Flyer D40LF: 5501-5539, 5541-5600

2002 New Flyer DE40LF: 5601H-5602H

2003 New Flyer D40LF: 5613-5712

2003 New Flyer DE40LF: 5603H-5612H

2004 Freightliner/Champion Defender: 2070-2097

2004 New Flyer D40LF: 5713-5830

2004 New Flyer DE40LF: 5831H-5850H

2004 New Flyer D40LF: 5851-5950

2005 New Flyer D40LF: 8000-8119

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NABI 5354 with retrofitted bike rack.  Photo by Ryan Lock.