Older Fleet

St Louis Car Silverliner III (MP85)

Budd Silverliner III
Ardmore, PA
Taken By Brandon S

  • All Silverliner III cars are Ex Pennsylvania RR

  • The engineer’s operating position on these cars are located on the left hand side as opposed to the right hand side in order to speed up boarding when single cars were used on the Harrisburg service.

  • 224 was in a head old collision in Willow Grove in 2006, but later returned back into service.
  • In 1984/85 cars 232-239 were modified for SEPTA’s Airport service. These cars carried a special yellow paint scheme, luggage racks, and comfortable 2-2 seating.  These cars were repainted into the new red-blue scheme like the rest of the Silverliners in 2000.
  • 237 was lost due to Transformer issues
  • 222 was destroyed in a fire in mid June of 2010
  • All Silverliner IIIs will be replaced by Silverliner V cars. As of June 22nd, 2012, #235 is the only Silverliner III in service.  This car was used on the “Farewell to the Silverliners” Charter on Sunday, May 6th, 2012.


Year   Manufacturer  Model Fleet
1967 St Louis Car Silverliner III double-end 235



Budd Silverliner II

Budd Silverliner II
Temple Station
Taken By Brandon S.


► Cars 201-219 (MP85BE1-TC) and 251-269 (MP85CE1-TC) are Ex Pennsylvania RR

► Cars 9001-9017 (REB13 (MA1B)) are Ex-Reading RR.

► Car #214 has been retired

► Car 210 and 257 were destroyed by fire, and car 265 was destroyed in an Accident.

► There is only one Silverliner II car which are still in Service, these car will be retired by July 1st 2012.

All Silverliner II cars will be replaced by Silverliner V cars.


ROSTER & INFORMATION (as of 5/4/2012)

Year   Manufacturer  Model Fleet
1962-63 Budd Silverliner II double-end 9010