Amtrak Rail frequencies

Amtrak Frequencies (NEC and Keystone). Amtrak has an series of radio frequencies which are used along the Northeast Corridor and the Keystone line. These are listed below. The frequencies are

Amtrak – 30th Street Station area160.425 AAR 21 /
160.650 AAR 36
Station Ops
Amtrak – Boston South Yard and switching160.455 / AAR 23
160.740 / AAR 42
161.490 / AAR 92
Amtrak – Keystone Line160.635 / AAR 35From West of Zoo to Harrisburg
Amtrak – North161.010 / AAR 60From  New Rochelle to Torresdale along the NEC
Amtrak – Northeast160.920 / AAR 54Boston Terminal Boston-New Haven (Division Post); Springfield-New Haven (Division Post)
Amtrak – South160.920 / AAR 54From DC to Torresdale; exclusive to Zoo interlock and NYP
Amtrak – Sunnyside Yard Switching160.650 / AAR 36inclusive to Sunnyside yard
Amtrak – Washington Union Station area160.440 AAR 22 /
160.920 AAR 54
Amtrak – Washington Union Station-Virginia Ave (DC)160.920 / AAR 54

Amtrak Dispatcher Territories

PSCC-A(inclusive) to Bergan (inclusive)
Section-ABergan (exclusive) to Hudson (exclusive)
Section-BHudson (Inclusive) to Hunter (inclusive)
CETC-9Hunter (exclusive) to Roads (inclusive)
CETC-8Roads (exclusive) to Ham (exclusive)
CETC-7Ham (inclusive) to Holmes (exclusive)
CETC-6Holmes, inclusive to Penn, exclusive
CETC-5Penn Interlocking
CETC-4Penn, exclusive to Ragan, exclusive; No. 4 and No. 5 tracks, Phil to Arsenal, exclusive
CETC-3 NorthRagan, Inclusive to Prince, inclusive
CETC-3Prince, exclusive to Gunpow, exclusive; Ragan, inclusive to Gunpow, exclusive
CETC-2Gunpow, inclusive to Fulton, exclusive. CETC-1 Fulton, inclusive to GP Avenue
CETC-2Gunpow, inclusive to Fulton, exclusive
CETC-1Fulton, inclusive to GP Avenue
Divisional post is between Torresdale and Holmesburg