The New Jersey Transit Board of Directors is expected to award a contract for 1,145 transit and suburban buses to North American Bus Industries (NABI).  Transit fans were first tipped off when NABI posted a call for New Jersey suppliers to help in a bus contract on NABI’s website.  As Creighton Rabs reports the expected awarding of the procurement, it is now official.  The buses will be delivered at approximately 200 per year.  They will replace the Flxible Metro Ds from the mid-1990s and both 40 foot Nova fleets from 1995-96 and 1998-2000.  It is not known whether a portion of the contract will be smaller buses to replace the “Baby” Novas (2501-2580).  The order will be for standard floor buses (NABI 416).  For more info, click here .


NJT is currently receiving (or soon to be) buses from Millenium RTS to replace the older 1989-1991 Flxible fleets.  NJT is having various problems with the two demos.  This appears to be why NABI has won the contract for the next batch of buses.  Stay tuned for more information on both the Millenium delivery progress and the NABI contract.