Rust in Peices

4539, the Eldorado which caught fire in June of 2004 while operating on the old Route 116 on the property of Neumann College, has officially been scrapped despite the fact that it is still listed for VOH and is still on the Victory check list. According to Darryl Bulls, 4539 was moved to the Midvale Scrap Yard several weeks ago after the fire damage was determined to be beyond repair. The fire melted the entire rear of the bus from the backmost window back including the engine. The back of the seating area can be seen from the outside of the rear of the bus due to the heavy damage. 4539 is officially the first Eldorado to be scrapped, leaving 79 in the fleet. 4539 joins countless Neoplans, Volvo 7036, American Ikarus 5155, NABI 5267, and Cutaways 2003, 2007, 2008, and 2009 in being scrapped long before the rest of their counterparts.